Winner of the J2R Casting Machine

Though the raffle for the Neutec/J2R Casting Machine was scheduled
to take place on June 30, the good folks at Patania’s decided to hold
the raffle a little early and put everyone out of their misery. Why?
Because all 200 tickets were sold!

So we have a winner! Well, actually . . . we have two.

The first “winner” of the J2R Casting Raffle is the Orchid community
and the Ganoksin website. Thanks to all of your participation in
this raffle we have raised $8,000 - money which is clearly needed to
support this excellent forum.

And now, the lucky winner of the J2R . . . . .

******** Frank Pruett, of Durham, North Carolina **********

Thanks to everyone for playing! Special thanks are due to Pat Kulla
and Sam Patania at Patania’s in Tucson, AZ. They took on the
responsibility for managing the entire raffle, which was surely time
consuming for them. They are true ambassadors for Orchid

Congratulations Frank! You’ll be getting a call from Rio Grande on
Monday, June 23 to make arrangements to ship your new casting machine
to you.

Andrea M. Hill
The Bell Group

Congratulations to Frank Pruett and grateful thanks to Rio Grande
for supporting Orchid and providing me with nice daydreams of the
joys of playing with a J2R! Karen

Congratulations Frank on winning the raffle.

…and many thanks to Rio Grande for their donation to
Ganoksin/Orchid and Sam Patania for his time. I had fun dreaming for
a few weeks and it got me to act and make a long overdue donation

Cathy Icardo

Congratulations to Frank on winning the casting machine!!!

I too, want to add my thanks to Rio and all those who made the
program such a success. Just shows what can be accomplished by
pulling together.

Job well done I’d say!!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1