Winding Neycraft centrifuge

I have been winding my Neycraft centrifuge 3 full turns as
instructed in the manual that came with it. I have had it about 20
years, and always had excellent results with it, but now, find that
winding it 3 times is too hard for me.

One of my friends has a Neycraft, and says that she only winds it 2
times, and gets perfect casts.

Of course, hers is one of the newer models, and I wonder if I can
wind my older one twice and get the same results I have been getting
with 3 turns.

Two turns I can manage, it is the 3rd wind that I find difficult. I
could try it out with 2 turns, but hate to lose one of my wax models
in the trial, hence I thought I would ask for your advice.

Thanks Alma.

I’m not sure if mine is nycraft, but there are multiple spots around
the ring where you can start your winding. I can do 2.5 turns if I
want to.

Try it with yours. Start winding in a different spot than normal. Or
wind it till you can’t. 3 I think is unnecessary. I like to start the
wind in the same spot so you wind up with the crucible where you want
it. I do around 2.5 turns

I am not familiar with this machine, but my personal theory is try
it andsee. Just go for it. It might work. It might not, but you will
never know for sure until you try it.

Alma- Perhaps it’s time to retire your centrifuge and start vacuum

If you already have a vacuum table for investing all you need is a
heat resistant pad for casting. We use regular solid flasks.

We’ve exclusively used vacuum casting for decades with great

You are close enough by us. I’ll be happy to show you how if you
like next time we cast.

Jo Haemer

Thank you so very much Jo. You are absolutely right. I don’t know why
I have been procrastinating, and making such a big problem where one
does not really exist. Usually I had a casting buddy, and for some
reason the idea of doing it alone, raised a lot of imaginary
problems. The vacuum it is. Thank you again for your encouragement.


I used vacuum exclusively the past few years but cleaned off the
centrifuge after having trouble with thin models that are 3 printed

Centrifuge has more push I think. Have had them work with that

Uses a different investment also.

Centrifuge has more push I think. 

I agree. Just compare the buttons. The one you spin is flattened by
the centrifugal force, the one you vac is more rounded like some
kind of slacker who didn’t understand its job was to push.


Nice! thats funny. The slacker still gets it done somehow. Until we
got the grower and had to use different investment for the plastic I
never had an issue, but thin models and that new medium I got
incomplete castings with vacuum. Glad I got the centrifuge. Buttons
dont lie.

Mark- I’ve done both and am a vacuum girl.

Here’s what United PM says about it.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry

Jo Haemer

Here's what United PM says about it. 

I was just jokin’ Jo. I do both too and settled on spinning most of
the time. I attribute the button difference to one being flattened
because of the centrifugal force, while the other is a bit rounded
because it is being sucked from below. Either way the button is
there to do his job, whether he feels like working or not.