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Winding kerr centrifico

Hi, I just got my hands on an old Kerr Centrifico broken arm casting
machine- the short arm one. I have been googling around, but can’t
seem to find out how many turns i need to wind it up. I’ll be
casting silver and bronze.


Hi Chris,

Mostly, it depends on how worn out the spring is. I’ve used a
variety of them, and had to do a couple of test shots with each.
They’ve varied between 3 & 4 turns. The one I used most was 3.5
turns. You want it as fast as you can get it before it (A) leaps
across the room, or (B) throws metal over the side of the crucible.



I am currently using the exact same machine to cast bronze in 2 1/2
X 2 1/2 inch flasks. Three turns seems to work very well, provided
the arm is balanced to the flask, and the right amount of metal in
melted in the crucible.


You can probably find a user’s manual on their website. I have a Ney
(craft), and wind it three full turns for casting Sterling silver.


If memory serves me it was 2-3 turns depending on flask size and

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

but can't seem to find out how many turns i need to wind it up 

Three. Sometimes four if you want an extra kick for some reason.
Usually three…