William R Plattes - Jewelry Gallery

Bill Plattes, goldsmith
Saint Paul, MN. USA

Began my career in 1971. Self taught gold and silversmith, Lapidary and Design. Inspired by Nature.

Materials: Australian opal, Carved Platinum Jasper Dimensions: 22mm O.D.

A landscape of an unusual place in Hawaii.

Photo credit: Bill Plattes

Opal Night Scape Pendant

Materials: Australian Opal and 14k yellow gold
Dimensions: 22mm O.D.

A night scape with field of carved blue-green Australian opal with potch, sky of Blue Australian opal and moon of multi flash Mintubi end face Australian opal. Very thick opal at 2+mm.

Photo credit: Bill Plattes

Landscape of Moonlit night

Materials: Blue Moonstone, Labradorite and carved Platinum Jasper in 14k yellow gold
Dimensions: 22mm O.D.

A landscape depicting the Moon low in the night sky.

Photo credit: Bill Plattes

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