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Will it, and it will happen!

Dear Orchidians, everywhere!

After 2, 1/2 years, it’s now official. I’ll have the application
signed (as of tomorrow morning) During the past years, I nearly gave
up on this awesome and tiring project. I listened to all kinds of
’naysayers’ and subjecting my ‘mind and spirit’ to something I
firmly believed in.

If you will it, and trust in your thoughts, anyone can achieve what
you put your mind to! This is going to be named as “The Most Valuable
Casino-Disk Ever Created”. At only $450,000.00! In fact, my contact
at GWR said it is very original.

Gerry Lewy

Congratulations on your creative achievement, Gerry!!!

Donna Williams

Hi Gerry!

I look forward to seeing it! I talked to Scott yesterday. I do know
a couple of other folks in the area. I will fill them in on the
details for dinner once we have them.

Best regards,


So looking forward to your professional gem-setting class the
18th-19th & 20th of October in beautiful Grand Haven Mi. Anyone
interested in this class may find at , check “Visiting Artists”.
Questions may be directed to .
Congratulations Gerry!! Also, are you posting pictures of your “Most
expensive chip in the world” anywhere soon, so we might see??