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Why You Should Help Orchid?

Hi All,

For the last couple of months, I have been reading with great
pleasure the contributions of our growing family at Orchid. More and
more, long time lurkers are contributing their responses and ideas,
and replies from the “land down under” are joining Orchidland and
winning the Saul Bell Award, Congrats to Eva!

As the raffle organizer, I’m going to make a little pitch here. It’s
important for all of you to support Ganoksin in order to have these
daily discourses on jewelry, supplies, materials, etc. Think if you
came to your computer and there was no Orchid…again…ever. It is
important support Orchid and there are a couple of ways to do that.

  1. you can support Orchid through the raffles

  1. you can give a straight out donation

  1. if you are in Tucson, come and join us for an evening of fun

Ganoksin does not charge anyone to access the Ganoksin
is COMPLETELY supported by you the reader.

These threads are very important to our development as artists and
as makers. We have a history and tradition to uphold. Help Ganoksin
sustain the good work they started. Your discussion contribute to a
searchable archive which can be accessed anywhere in the world. As
the earth shrinks and communication is improved, someone new is
accessing on Ganoksin. We all have a common vision, so
please help support this vision.



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