Why repousse is not losing its popularity?

Hello to all,

Welcome to all new members. I have a question about repousse.
Repouss’e is a very old technique - why is it not losing its

Taufeeque Ahmed

It’s a technique, not a specific product. What is created using the
technique determines “popularity.” Superb work should create a
demand that reflects its quality. Inferior work won’t suvive.

Simple, no?

Dick Davies
Occasional former of metal

Repousse’, quite simply is the best way to hand form (well annealed)
metal from an inscribed design to a relief like piece that can be
used in any design. It is an ancient process found in most cultures
as an art form-actually repousse evolved at the the beginning of Gold
Smithing in its literal context, then works were turned into
adornment. No other process gives the same result (unless the
original is made into a mould and cast.)… rer


Repousse is such an amazing process, and with good technique, design,
tools and practice one can achieve volume without adding weight.
Repousse is a very beautiful, satisfying and exciting technique. I
have taken workshops from three wonderful teachers at different times
and each had slightly different techniques, chisels, and pitch
formulas. Each was influenced by different cultures, so the approach
reflected the cultures which has added to my repousse vocabulary. My
personal desire is to learn from anyone that is willing to teach me.
It makes me wish there were 48 hours in a day!

Kay Taylor

Repouss'e is a very old technique - why is it not losing its

Why should it? Most of the techniques we use either are old
traditional methods, or have their roots therein. Files, saws,
abrasives, casting methods, anything with hammers… You name it.
Many, if not most of the non-computerized or motorized techniques we
use can be traced back thousands of years. It’s part of what makes
the whole field popular. So I’m curious as to why you’d think that
any particular ancient technique WOULD lose it’s popularity? It’s
one of many methods of making metal do our bidding as artists. And
it’s a skill that takes practice and rewards a person who learns it
with the ability to make beautiful things that not everyone else can
easily duplicate unless they too, take the time to learn how…