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Why is Beading So Popular?

Hello David,

You hit the nail right on the head. Beading is popular due to the
instant gratification factor. Plus all of the mounds of marketing
aimed towards beaders. Simple bead stringing is easy to learn. If
you can match your shoes to your socks, chances are that you can
string up a pleasing complimentary colored repeating pattern. Master
a crimper & a pair of small pliers, and you are ready to hit your
local craft show. (I know - because this is the path I have

I think that once many beaders start shopping for materials beyond
their local bead shop or AC Moore, they are genuinely hooked on
personal adornment as a whole. If they have the opportunity to
visit some of the larger trade shows, such as LJ’s Bead Fest - they
become aware of other various skills that can compliment their work -
such as lampworking, PMC & wire wrapping.

Here comes the point where a beader will say - ok, I’ve used other
people’s materials, now what can I do to manufacture my own
components? This is great, because after they have had some level
of sucess in doing beaded works - you now have a large wave of people
who will be knocking down the doors of their local art schools to
learn & master additional skills.

I have been doing primarily simple bead stringing for 5 years. Over
the last year I also taught myself to wrap with wire, weave with
wire, hand saw copper & brass, simple chasing, regular rivets & tube
rivets, to file, tumble & oxidize. I would have never done any of
these things had I not ever strung my first necklace.

Proud of my beading roots… :o)