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Why check a diamond?

During my latest foray into teaching students diamond-setting, I
explore with them the necessities of examining a diamond prior to
setting. This little schpiel will then ultimately save them meg-$$ if
they neglect to view a customers diamond before it’s set. This very
detailed talk with some of my trade-experiences, is the main feature
of my training program/session.

I have a 15x15mm CZ. Princess-cut stone to validate my reasons on
how to then examine these very expensive stones. With my loupe, I show
them what to look for before even removing the diamond from the
customers old ring.

Getting the client to even initial the setters observations. No one
wants a court-case if they might charge you for breaking a $10,000
stone…(it could have been broken ahead of time) I even personally
ran into this exercise!!! Diamond Setting is one thing, but to prevent
’catastrophic’ untold $$$'s expenses is another. I told this to my 10
students @ “Studio JSD”, to say they were awe-struck & amazed of
what could actually happen, is another story!! Who said diamond
setting was easy?..*Gerry *

Gerry- I once worked in a store where the employees were fined a
dollar for every time they took in a job without carefully inspecting
with a loupe or microscope the stone in front of the customer. This
technique made the lesson stick. The money was later used for the
coffee and donuts fund.

Of course this was when a dollar could buy you breakfast.

Jo Haemer