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Whose work do you covet for handmade wedding rings?


I’ve got series of posts coming up on my blog on handmade weddings.

One will be on handmade wedding rings. Would anyone like to suggest
makers whose work they absolutely love?

I have a few in mind, but would love to hear the views of folks out
in Orchidland.



Hans Meevis. Garth Duncan. Maybe one from each since I have 2
hands-lol. Have fun! Julia


Claudio Pino and our own David Phelps for rings. simply stunning
both of them…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Hans Meevis hands down the best.


James Binnion


Definitely David Phelps — not only for wedding rings, but for any
of the gorgeous, rings he makes. Alma


James Binnion, only ring that made me think about getting married
again,… almost.

Sharron by the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, enjoying the sun and pelicans.


Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions, both on list and
off! I think I will be able to include all of the suggestions.



Barbara Heinrich or Todd Reed. I LOVE their work!



Binnion without a doubt.


Vasken Tannelian I probably spelled his last name wrong. He actually
did my daughters wedding ring, since I had no casting equipment at
the time.


Tom Herman, 7 fingers studio.


Elaine Rader Jewelry
Also Chris Nelson - Urban Armour


Yes, Tom Herman, hands down! One of his designs is 18 K ginko leaves
intertwined with diamonds, that I lust after! IMHO he does some if
not THE best work out there. Cool guy, too!


Tom Herman, beautiful work, and such a nice guy.


Linda Kindler Priest makes the most delicate animal broaches in gold
using chasing and repousse skills.


Lucile Hautau does beautiful married metals rings.


How about yourself. Make some matching bands. Can be easy for simple


Kristin Coffin does simple but elegant bands and engagement rings.