Wholesale show lead time

Hi All-

I am about to do a small-scale wholesale show in conjunction with
Singapore Fashion Week. To date I have mostly been selling my pieces
via word of mouth and through a small upscale boutique here in

Here is my question. Is there a loose “standard” as to what
wholesale buyers are looking for in terms of lead time for orders?

I realize that this is quite an open-ended question, and that it
mostly depends on the artist/jeweler etc. but frankly I have no
gauge as to whether 2 week, 4 weeks, 2 months - you get my drift
here - is usually given.

Again, I realize that most of this is contingent on so many
different factors that it is hard to state an absolute, but I just
need a bit of a guide here.

Thanks greatly!


I always say “4 to 6 weeks”. but if the customer needs ASAP I
negotiate with them. Sometimes partial orders can be shipped.
Buyers seem to be fine with the 4 to 6 week delivery. Good luck at the show!