Wholesale shop swap out procedure

Missed the original post, but I find it beneficial to offer the shop
a swap-out - after a set period (1 yr. usually), anything they have
in stock they wish to trade out, they get restock credit for. That
takes the gamble out of their purchasing decision, and ensures an
inviting fresh presentation of my items, helping to ensure a
continuing relationship. Haven’t considered the silver pricing
issue, but I would offer straight credit (what they paid for it,
letting my resulting markup of trade-ins serve as the restocking
fee). That seems like the simplest solution to my mind.

Sam Kaffine

I think this does also bring up the whole issue of policies.
Whether it is selling to a retail customer or a wholesale custom
it will serve you well to think of everything that could come up
(payment, returns, etc.) and put them in writing...

You are so right Terry! This gallery was my first wholesale account
and I am so glad to have learned this early on and with an owner I
know I can trust. This shop is local, so I personally deliver the
jewelry rather than ship it. I’ll be squaring everything up and
getting our plan in writing so that we know exactly how to handle
this in the future. I will definitely put my policies in writing and
bring them to any gallery or shop I work with in the future.

Thank you all for your advice and thoughts! It has been enlightening
as always!