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Wholesale sales tax/gst update

Dear Aussies,

I have been in touch with the Tamara Winikoff of NAVA in relation to
the sales tax/and GST problem. She was not aware that this problem
would arise and has offered to take this up with someone from the
ATO. Tamara would like to have as much info as to how this affects
all artists/visual craftspeople/jewellers etc. Those who are affected
would you mind either contacting me direct on
@Felicity_Peters1 or Tamara at and letting her know of your concern, as
well as how it affects your practice. She also suggest sending the
same letter to Fed Arts Ministers, Opposition Arts spokesperson,
Australia Council and your local Craft body etc… In fact there is a
teleconference being held on Monday for all Crafts councils, so it
would be most opportune to send a quick email to them, so at least
the ball starts to roll.

Ref stock pre GST, the suggestion is that one do a stocktake of all
raw materials, gemstones etc. If necessary a dated photograph, and
keep all purchase records pertaining to those items. This should not
be a problem, as records are supposed to be kept for seven years.

I know there are few people who are affected by this problem, so it
would be good to sort it out collectively. Naturally it is not going
to be done in a few months, but lets start now.

Many thanks to Dr Aspler for this great forum, which allows us to
gain assistance from each other.

Felicity Peters in sunny West Oz.

It’s good that people are becoming aware of this tax issue affecting
us.I encourage everyone to write to their ministers and crafts orgs.
and then maybe we’ll get somewhere, good luck , Christine