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Wholesale repair shops

howdy i’m about to open a retail jewelry store in my home town of
valley center, ca. (no. san diego co.) i’ve done tons of repair on
my own line over the past 30 yrs. but my line being so limited i’ve
just never learned to do many types of repair. i plan on learning
new types and know i’d rather not take the time to learn some. how
do i find wholesale to the trade type repair shops? how can i know
if they’re trustworthy considering i’ll be sending customers pieces
rather than my own out to them? besides rever’s and geller’s books
are there any others you could recommend i have in my shop. any one
out there who has a wholesale repair shop who needs another customer?
is it worth sending out repairs and what kind of mark up is
standard? thanx for any or help you can offer!
kevin - big time jewelry


A. Markup is simple. Repairs should compete in profit with product
sales. If your average repair sale is $45, what would the markup be
on a $45 piece of jewelry? Then markup the repair the same amount.

B. Repairs have an inherit problem with comebacks, losses and
breakage and you need to charge the customer for that. Therefore
repairs should have the same markup as product (see #A) PLSU one more
time. So if you markup a $45 2.5 times, repairs should be marked up
3.5 times.

C. if you don’t find a good trade shop I’d recommend:

4122 Olympic Blvd
Erlander KY 41018
(859) 282-2400

These people have over 80 jewelers, turn around in a few days and
from what I’ve heard are very good. And knowing their prices you can
get almost a 4 time markup from my price book with them.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. The only darw back is sending it out fo
some custoerms but with fast service you’re OK.

David Geller