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Wholesale pricing

Hey all, I have been in manufacturing/retailing all my own emblematic
jewelry for about six years. The problem for me is this: I have no
problem pricing my stuff at retail, but I have the opportunity to
wholesale my products to a retail store (not a jewelry store) and I
need a good formula to price it at, and still make the money! The
business I am going to sell has never carried any jewelry before and
this looks like a good opportunity. But, I don’t want to over price
the retailer and scare him off. Any input would be appreciated! Mark
Flynn @NEP2UNE

Hello, I remember some of you saying you are retailers as well as
jewelers. When you are picking pieces to sell in your store what are
the profit margins you look for? I am working on pricing my pieces
right now, and I know in order for retailers to want to sell them,
they have to be making decent profit. I’d like to find a balance so
they make a profit and I can make a profit. This is more difficult
than it seems. Thanks, Augest Cry Baby Designs

There is an article on wholesale pricing in the current issue of
Crafts Report - well done I thought. Not sure if it is online or not

  • thier web site is but I couldn’t get it to
    come up this weekend. The server may have been down. Having run a
    retail crafts gallery myself once upon a time, I think the best thing
    to do is price your work so that YOU may the margins you need. Most
    stores will at least double that. If that doubled price seems too
    high for the market, then those are pieces you probably should not
    wholesale. Ultimately it is up to the store to decide what margins
    they need, and whether they can move your work based on the prices
    YOU need. Be sure to include cost of materials, your labor, and
    overhead costs (utilities, rent, insurance, taxes, shipping, etc.)
    into the wholesale cost of your piece!

Beth in SC

Retailers usually sell a piece for about twice what they pay you for
it. Coming up with a price where you make money yet the piece can
sell for TWICE what you get for it is tough, but it can be done.
Another thing to consider is that if you are doing any direct sales,
you shouldn’t undersell your retailers. In other words, you should
be selling pieces to your customers for the same price that
retailers would be selling it for - about twice your wholesale price

  • otherwise your retailers won’t be able to get their asking price
    and they won’t want to work with you in the future.

– Leah