Wholesale line presentation

Hi everyone - I have had an existing wholesale line for a couple of
years, and I have also created a new line in the last year. The 2nd
one is quite different than the 1st. My understanding is that
galleries and other retailers like to see a coherent body of work. My
question is would it be appropriate to present both lines to the same
gallery? If so, should I present one wholesale linein one group and
the 2nd line in another group - or should I present both wholesale
lines together? Right now, I am working on putting digital images on
CD and sending them out to galleries with a wholesale price list and
order form. Other times, I have visited the galleries in person.
Thank you in advance for any feedback - Sarah

Sarah Philbeck
Jewelry for the Journey
Shelby, NC

Galleries and other retailers like to see work that sells.
Honestly! Jurors for art fairs and some fine art galleries want
coherence, but most retailers want things that sell. They’re not

Hi Sarah- I’ve been expanding my lines over the past couple of
wholesale show seasons - creating a lower end line to get me through
this @?!*!! recession. My signature lines are high end with, I think,
a distinct feel. I created a catalog that groups my work into
collections, with each collection having a title and each collection
on a separate page. I did not include my lower end work in the
catalog, because frankly I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to keep
making it. Instead, I made up postcards for the low-end lines and
have everything listed on a price list that is separate from the
catalog. When I mail a catalog, I include the postcards of the lower
end lines.

I have found that retailers understand the lines are unique, but
they still effectively merchandise across lines. Some only order the
low end, others combine across lines. I haven’t really had a problem.
I say show them what you’ve got and let them make the call for their

Lori Bugaj
One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design