Who will cast from 3-D printed part?

I am looking for a casting company who can cast (in 18k gold) parts
that I get from a 3-D printer made by 3-D Systems, called the
InVision HR 3-D Printer. This is a machine that prints out a CAD
file in an acrylic photopolymer material which can be invested and
burned out, but I have heard that it may need a special burnout
cycle. Anyone know anything about this?


There are several casters that will attempt to cast this material.
However don’t expect great results from anyone, as the material
itself leaves behind residuals in the investment mold. It can be done
and has been done but is anything but reliable, and not guaranteed.
3D systems screams that it cast wonderful, but that is simply not the

If you require that your prototypes be cast originally with no
molding process done, find someone with a Sanders type system that is
wax based. This material has no casting problems but is a little bit
more expensive due to the time involved in producing parts. I find
that growing a Sanders model once is far superior then growing
Invision models 3 to 4 times.

The photopolymers are difficult to burn out for a variety of reasons
such as high decomposition temperature of the plastic, they are
hydroscopic (absorb water from investment) and expand as they absorb
water, high thermal expansion rate (cracks investment) all in all
they are much more challenging than wax to burn out but some
reasonable castings can be made from them if the caster has
experience with them. If it were my models I would call Linus Drogs
at Au Enterprises (800) 637-2278

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts



We would recommend a few places

ASD casting and Roni casting both in New York City In the Midwest
there is AU enterprises they cast our invision output very well


Thomas Cavagnaro, GG
Cadsmithing, LLC A Service Bureau
480 688 4136