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Who inspires you?

About a month ago, someone mentioned in one of their postings, a
reference to where they get their inspiration. That reference
introduced me to an artist I did not know, and then started me
thinking about who else everyone admires, or, who inspires you? Who
are the contemporary artists that inspire you? – we all know the old

Here is my list to share:
James Jean -painter and artist
David Huang- metal sculpture
Jane Short- amazing enamel work
Hiroshi Suzuki- silversmith now getting into some enamel work
Patricia Urquiola -architect and designer


Barbara Heinrich
Pamela Harari Klineberg
Michael David Sturlin
Gordon K. Uyehara
Liz Hall (Lizards Jewelry)
German Kabirski
Pat Pruitt
Aaron Macsai

These are just a few of many, but the ones who instantly popped into
my head. Google and enjoy if not already familiar with their work.