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White turquoise

There are two materials that might be considered by many to be white
turquoise. As with many newer materials the names of the material
may be different depending on who sells the material and who uses
it. One is called pristine by some. Its a solid white material
similar in hardness and cutting ability to turquoise. It can by be
found at Sweetwater 520-445-0356. The other material is white with a
purple/brown matrix. It is referred to as white horse. I have seen
it only in cabs. Unfortunately I do not know the source of this
material. Robert of Sweetwater might be able to supply you the name
of the person that handles white horse. Both suppliers have been at
the Rodeway Inn during the February Tucson show. Good luck


I have purchased the “white horse” beads and pendant pieces from
Gummow Mfg., 800-537-2502, e-mail

They call it “Appaloosa” and describe it as magnasite with limonite
and huntite.