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White translucent acrylic domes

Other alternatives

I have been using a new cheap large window shade which purchased at
K mart. The one I am using is very slightly off white, the covering
is plastic. The top three wires which hold the shade on to the lamp
were cut off on the inside. I took a abrasive pad and sanded the
inside so to kill glare from the surface. Halogen lamps can be placed
on the outside to shine through.

Small mirrors can be backed with sticky back magnetic tape to be used
for reflected " spot lighting " . The stands for these mirrors are
made of bent coat hangers. I am using a portable copy stand, with
lights, purchased through eBay at a cost of $ 35.00. The lens I
am using is a Vivitar Series 1 f 4.5 , 90 to 180 flat field macro
zoom lens. The camera is a Pentax Super Program . This combination is
15 to 20 years old and is still highly recommended. Newer is not
necessarily better.

Use a cable shutter release or a self timer to take the shot. Keep
the shutter speed faster than 1/30 sec. or slower than 1/2 sec. to
reduce mirror bounce . Keep the F stop adjusted to what you wish to
show as foreground or back ground. A laser pointer can be used to
temporarily highlight a specific point to aid focusing . Place the
camera and object on the most sturdy and massive item you have handy.
Then Be still while the shot is being taken. Keep the music volume
low and the base speakers very low.

Use the stiffest camera stand you can find. A great clamp type of
stand can be made from a 3/4 pipe furniture clamp. Just get a pipe
cap to screw to the other end of the pipe . Have the pipe cap drilled
to accommodate a tripod head (1/4 NC or 3/8 NC ) and there you have a
wonderfully versatile system , On the cheap… Take brief notes on
your set up - If it works right you can duplicate it. if it does not,
you will not waste your time and money again.

Use good film. it is less expensive than duplicating your time. Use
incandescent color corrected film or a color correcting filter. Also
theater lighting gel filters can be purchased for use over the

There are other ways to do the same thing. One book and video
combination on jewelry photography is from Charles
Lewton-Brain/Brain Press

But this is not the only source matter on the subject. Other books I
will recommend are as follows. " The manual of CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY
" by Lester Lefkotitz " Photographing Minerals, Fossils & Lapidary
Materials " by Jeffrey Scovil

If anyone wants to discuss this topic more, please contact me at

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer

Hank, if you’d rather not go into the dome knock-off business, then
why are you proposing it? That is one of the most disgusting posts
I’ve ever read on Orchid. You should be ashamed of yourself !!!
You show what You are, for all to see - someone who would cheat
people who have worked for years to perfect and patent a product,
spending a great deal of money and time on it, to save yourself and
your “friends” a little money. You wouldn’t think of spending your
own creativity and labor to create something so wonderful that others
would want to rip You off - or you’d know how it felt. I’m glad to
know who Not to do business with.

Pat Hicks