White translucent acrylic domes (Cloud Domes)

In a recent post Joel Schwalb noted that he had found a white dome
at a local plastic supplier. The one he bought was left over from a
previous job (lucky man) and there were no more in stock. That’s the
bad news. The good news is that when he called them they told him
that they could and would make new ones. “To make new ones there is a
$75 setup charge and for a small quantity, 4-6 pieces, they would
cost $45 each. The cost would go down based on the quantity. They
would cut a hole for the camera lens.” I’d rather nor go into the
dome knock off business, buying and reselling, but if enough of us
are interested, I’d love to go in on an order with others. If you’re
interested, e-mail me and we’ll work out the logistics of collecting
funds, shipping etc.

Hank Paynter
Brook Hollow Studio