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White out

Regarding the comment about using white out. DONT use this with
a torch. The fumes are very bad for you. Some things are better
left alone with their original purpose in mind. Please let’s nip
this tip idea now.

Susan Sarantos

Susan is right on this one. Listen to her. Not sure, but i
seem to recall isocyanates in the fumes, a powerful carcinogen.
And besides, yellow ochre is almost as easy to use, and a LOT
cheaper to buy. Why take the chance?

Peter Rowe

Possibly a less toxic way of using white out came from a veteran
jewelry friend of mine. She says the white out works as a great
resist for acid etching metal. Haven’t tried it myself, although
I like the idea of the ready-to-use brush applicator. I’m not
sure how it compares in cost to other resists.