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White Metal Caster Needed

I need to find a caster who can give me a price for an unusual job
I may get.

I need a price on casting 2000-10000 small pieces in non precious
white metal. I’m not sure who does this type of casting so if
anyone has any suggestions…I would appreciate them.



Hi Debra, If you could find someone who makes toy soldiers. Tom

Hi Deb, Try Barker Design for white metal casting. 603-627-0447
Talk to Michael Barker. J.A.

Tierra Cast in Santa Rosa, Ca. at 1(800) 222-9939 does a great job
of casting in white metal. I had some medallions molded and cast
and their quality was excellent and consistent. They also plate.

Hope this helps, Tom T.

Please contact me at @emgupta with the
specifications of the piece you want done. I specialise in
production casting in low purity silver as well as other metals
like brass etc. Let ,me have your rendering of the article you want
done and I can give you a price quote.


 I need a price on casting 2000-10000 small pieces in non
precious white metal.  I'm not sure who does this type of casting
so if anyone has any suggestions


If you are a member of MJSA, manufacturing jewelers and
silversmiths, they will give you a list of companies that will do
it. I bet most will be in Rhode Island, it seems to be the costume
jewelry capital of the world.

Mark P.

Dear Debra: I am responding to your request for a possible job
requiremnet you may have. I would be very happy to discuss your
needs with you. Our company is:

                SMG Manufacturing Co., Inc.
                 253 Harris Ave.
                  Prov., R.I. 02909
                 Phone 401-454-1910
                 Fax     401-421-4639
                 Attn Luke Gaskell, Sr. 

Our business was established in 1988. We cast several grades of
white metal and also polyester. If you would like some specific
question answered you may also E-mail to @SmgCast. I hope
to hear from you in regards to your needs. Thank you for your

Luke Gaskell, Sr. @SmgCast

   casting 2000-10000 small pieces in non precious white metalwho
does this type of casting.

Think Rhode Island…! Any Directory listing businesses in the
State of Rhode Island will give you resources. But more seriously,
contact MJSA through the Polygon site and request an index of
member White-Metal Casting contractors. You could fax a
diagram/rendering with accurate measurements to any of the listed
contractors and they could “ballpark” the cost per item (based on
a run for a specific number) for you. Happy hunting…
Eben Lenz


You might try Baker Art Foundry at 510-532-7330. They are in
Oakland California. Ask for George.


John and Cynthia/MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Maiden Metals/C. T. Designs/ Bloomin’ Wax Works. etc.

PO Bx 44, Philo
CA 95466
Ph 707-895-2635 FAX 707-895-9332

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