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White Gold Solder and Flux

ETIENNE: I used Rio’s 14K Easy white gold solder (1310-1450F) on
Rio’s 14K white sheet was interested to find the solder was much
whiter than the sheet. Very white.

EVERYONE: This ‘easy’ 14Kwhite gold solder was comparable (melting
point) to ‘hard’ siver solder. Are there sources for 14 or 18K white
gold solders with lower (than 1310-1450F) melting points, i.e.,
comparable to standard yellow gold and silver solders? I tried my
final solder on that problematic nickel white gold with Easy Ag
solder (first mechanically cleaning the black and pink staining) and
was able to maintain my beautiful finish with no staining at all.
Would be nice to have high K white gold solders with lower melting
points, given the problem of the nickel-related stains. Only place I
found some was at who offer a 14K
white Au solder at 1130-1280F. Anyone ever use it? Or know of the

FADY and DON et al: Thanks to all the folks who referred me to
sources for small quantities of palladium white sheet, although I’ll
probably stick with making my own (unless the Israel
source—thanks, Don!—pans out). And special thanks to Fady
Sawaya! That Italian flux sounds like a magical cure! One question
Re: ordering—if I just say ‘liquid borax’ will I get the right
thing? Don’t they have different kinds? Does it have a name? I was
familiar with your work from your website when I was checking out 3d
programs (I use trueSpace)!

Janet in Jerusalem

     One question if I just say 'liquid borax' will I get the right
thing? Don't they have different kinds? Does it have a name? 

Dear Janet, I don’t know much about this company products. All I know
is they have Borax in liquid or powder. Ask for the liquid. No, the
product does not have a name. All that is written on the plastic
bottle is the company name and address and “liquid Borax”. Sorry. Not
too much of a help.

Fady Sawaya
3D Jewelry Designer