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White gold ring repair

Hello everybody, I need to fix a broken prong on a white gold ring
with rodium plate. The ring has a complex geometry and some diamonds
set. I thinkit’s better remove the rodium plate before trying to
solder the new prong and after that plate the rodium again. Is that
correct? How is the best way to remove the rodium plate? Is there a
chemical way to remove it? I knowI could remove it by polishing the
ring but since it has some intricated regions it would take a lot of
time to thoroughly polish the ring. Thanks. Alfredo B. Gattai

I don’t know of a way to strip the plating without stripping the
base metal as well. The rhodium, base metal, and solders will strip
at different rates. Stripping seems like more work in the long run.

The problem you may be anticipating is that the old rhodium plating
is harder than the underlying metal, thus polishing over the repair
zone leaves a small step or a frosty zone where the old plating
ends, that is visible after replating.

The best way to overcome this is to sand the repaired item so as to
leave the edges of the old plating at the corners (either external
or internal), and avoid having the old plating fading out or
feathering off on plain surfaces. For example, sizing a plain wedder
will require sanding all surfaces. Sizing a diamond solitaire
requires sanding the whole shank but not the head. being careful to
sand right up to corners or joints. A light sanding with 600 grit or
finer is sufficient to cut through the old plating. Polish and
replate! If the old plating is discoloured, the new plating will
cover it.


Alfredo- No need to remove the rhodium. It’ll burn off when you
solder on it. You will need to re-rhodium after you are done.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer