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White gold oxidation on prongs


Does anyone have a good way to deal with the oxidation problem that
arises when soldering white gold prong settings in place. I have tried
many different approaches such as extra boric acid alcohol mixture
different fluxes, soft flame hot flame, and I usually have a small
dark area that is almost impossible to get at and polish off the
oxidation. What has helped is to reflux the area and reheat which
removes some of the problem. I do not like to do any stripping or
plating in my shop ( life is to short ). I am using natural gas and
oxygen with a meco torch. I am assuming this is probably a over
heating problem, any advice would be appreciated. Michael


Michael, one thing that helps me check oxidation on white gold heads
is if I polish the head before soldering it on (especially tiffany or
peg heads). Also, whenever possible, I heat from underneath the item I
am soldering so that no direct heat makes contact with the head. One
other thing to keep in mind; if the solder doesn’t flow well on the
first attempt, don’t try to force it. Stop, pickle, clean and then
resolder. Hope this helps Ken


Hello Michael, All Jewelers have trouble with white gold. It
tarnishes when you heat it. This is not your fault, it is simply the
way of the world. Your best bet is to plan on it happening. Allow time
for extra polishing. Reheating is sometimes useful. Hang in there. Tom Arnold