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White gold- caution nickel allegergies

I am a jeweler and also have a nickel allergy. The allergy is

Before white gold was popular it was easy to avoid reactions if you
stuck to fine metals and avoided cheep jewelry. Now that white gold
is popular it is a problem.

I am fine with gold, silver, platnumn and avoid nickel. I will
react to anything with nickel even the button on a pair of jeans.

I recently purchased white gold findings to make earrings. I was
told that palladium was being used as the alloy, and it list white
gold alloy in McCreights book as being palladium. Anyways, my ears
reacted with a puffy red rash and oozing ears. You can’t trick
mother nature.

I contacted the shop that sold me the findings and they had no idea
what was in the white gold they were selling.

They finally contacted the mill and it was confirmed that their
premade findings were made with gold and nickel not gold and

White gold wire, sheet and casting grains come both ways.

Save yourself and your customers grief, avoid nickel.