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White Gold casting with 12%PD

Dear all:

We are trying to produce 18k white gold castings with 12%PD. Since the
alloy isn’t available in the Thai market we are using Silver alongwith
the gold and the palladium. So far we haven’t had a single 100%
successful bowl. I should mention that we are using platinum
investment powder. Any insight is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

BV Intertrade Co. Ltd.
1811 Baan Chaopraya Condo.,
208 Soi Somdej Chaopraya 17,
Bangkok 10600

I don’t believe silver will work in this formula. I used to have
Hoover and Strong’s palladium white gold formula but it is proprietary
and I can’t give you the actual formula but I can tell you that zinc
is one of the elements used in it.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140