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White Gold Borax

Hi Martin, Does the borax you mention REALLY work well? What melting
point white gold solder do you use? Thanks,

Janet in Jerusalem

Hello Janet, The Blanka I was talking about is very good for covering
and protection agains colouration of white gold and it works even on
silver. The contain are not given on the jar. But I have asked for a
product safety sheet. This reviels following: It seams to be
Flussmittel D (from Germany), But they covered up the supplier.
Contains, : Methanol, borax, boric accid, some secret stuff (5%)
based on sillitium. The metanol is poisonus, but I asume you will not
drink it. And when you dip the object in and burn direcly the
methanol, no danger danger fumes…

I never used flux with this Blanka, and now I know it was a flux. I
estimate it can be used up to 900 degrees Celcius, but than you need
to dip and burn the alcohol at least 2 times.

Martin Niemeijer