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White Boxes

Mona, you might try The Mason Box Company, ph: 800-225-2708,
In my own searches what I have found is that you need to buy in bulk
(100 +) & few companies offer a mixed lot, just single size per lot.
Mason has a lot of packaging solutions. A 3 x 2 x 1 inch white box with
cotton at the 100 to 450 quantity is listed as 0.30 per box, to give you
an idea. I don’t work for Mason or get recompensed or anything, I just
happened to get their catalog at a trade show. When I ordered the plain
gift boxes before, it was from an advertisement in the back of a
lapidary magazine or something. A friend & I ordered 300 boxes all the
same size to get a good price break. No, I don’t remember what company,
sorry. You might look in the back sections of various trade journals
for other leads. Rio Grandes Blue Water catalog has boxes, I think a
mixed group lot, but you don’t get to pick how many of which size. Hope
this helps.


That URL didn’t work, but this one did:


Dianne Karg
WRAPTURE wire jewellery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada