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Which rubber o-ring to use?

Hi all,

Some of my pieces are chainmail, which includes at least one design
using rubber rings. Since my original source discontinued them and
another doesn’t have the right size, I’ve found myself on the
industrial sites–where I’m encountering a slew of new acronyms.

I’m looking for -010 black, so that at least is pretty common, but
should I be using EPDM? Viton? Something else?

Supplier recs?

is looking pretty good.


I recommend Buna-N quality and Marco Rubber. I’ve used there product
for years with no problems.

Scan the chain maille links and private sites. There are many who
sell rubber rings. Actually, there is one source you might be able to
try. They sell cord by the foot and rings to same size.

I.B. Moore, Inc, 648 Laco Dr., Lexington, KY 40510

Ruth Mary

Try The Ring Lord’s website. O rings for chain maille.

You can also try Blue Buddha Boutique for rubber “jump” rings.