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Which roller mill for me?


I know this is a recurring question on ganoksin and I have been
through the earlier posts but don’t seem to be able to find an
answer for me.

I find that at last I am in a position to buy a rolling mill and a
fairly good one.

My understanding from previous posts is that Durston are pretty much
the best of the best so at this stage that’s what I’m looking at.

I make small jewellery items and want the mill to reduce sheet and
wire guage, to make square and half round wire and to transfer
designs to sterling sheet. This I believe means I need a combination
rolling mill.

Now is it better to pay to get a machine with gear reduction or
extra width. I know I will have to compromise somewhere but where is
the question.


I recently purchased a Durston… lower end, and couldn’t be
happier. I truly concur with the idea that Durston is the best!


My understanding from previous posts is that Durston are pretty
much the best of the best so at this stage that's what I'm looking

Yes, I would agree that a lot of people on Orchid would recommend

A tip or on searching on Orchid:

make sure you select archives and the year or years you want. I use
"all" Try a variety of search terms.

another way to search is to use google. Just type in your search
terms and also “ganoksin” and you’ll find your answers very quickly
that way.


Hi Toni,

Yes, on the Durston. Yes, most definitely on the Durston.

The second question depends on the work you do now and what your
plans will be later. What kind of metalsmith/jeweler are you. I have
a small combination rolling mill. For me, I think only a wide flat
plain rolling mill would have been the better choice. However, I took
the advice of a professional bench jeweler. I don’t use the wire
part, as I order milled metal. HOWEVER, now that the price of metals
has taken a bit of a leap, I think the wire portion will be quite
useful. If I could order the perfect mill, I would order a large
combination mill and consider it, although expensive, a very worthy
investment into my future.

Your question comes up frequently, and my feeling is to look at it as
you would a car. If you plan to do craft shows and haul tents and
stands from place to place, purchasing a two seater car would be
silly. If you drive to the market and back, buying a Hummer would
also be silly (although people do). Determine your needs, your work
load and then if you are still having a hard decision, talk to
Durston reps or to Matthew Durston. He is a wonderful and
approachable person who is interested and invested in finding the
right mill for your work.

Durston Rolling Mills
Progress House
Hospital Hill, Waterside
Chesham, Bucks HP5 1PJ UK

Good Luck!


Karat 46 offers all, at an affordable price, and is a well built
solid unit.

Kenneth Singh is a loyal dependable US based friend of Orchid. His
Rolling Mill deserves a look see as well. Durston offers a fine
product at a greater cost, among others.