Which mill accept patterned rollers

I’m aware that it is possible to get patterned rollers for some
roller mills but I’m not sure how I go about finding which ones
accept these rollers and which don’t.

I don’t have a huge amount to spend so I need to make sure I get the
most versatile mill I can afford even if it does take work replacing


Rosenthal’s has a number of brands that are manual and accept many
patterned rollers (i believe Rosenthal’s offers more patterned
rollers than any other US vendor…and they outsource custom made
rollers based on an individual’s requests and designs as well for
about 50-75 bucks each…last time I bought one)…I think Karat mills
take the rollers they offer, PEPE doesn’t take em, and some Durston
models take em- but you must remember to get a good digital angle
finder and reset the rollers exactly as they are when running
perfectly when you begin changing them frequently-or even
infrequently…it means the difference in time of having to constantly
anneal and work out ripples or skewing compared to learning your
mill’s proper setting to insure absolute planes and perfectly
calibrated gear ratio…rer

Hi all

Thanks so much for answering all my questions about which rolling
mill to buy I’ve at last made my decision and should be ordering next

I think it’s also a good time to buy at least one Ingot Mold so that
I can recycle my own scrap so can you let me know which mold you
simply couldn’t do without.