Which jump ring cutter will fit my flexshaft

Hi All! I’ve read as many posts in the archives as I could find
about the Jump Ringer and Kwik Koil systems. But I couldn’t really
figure out which, if either, would be compatible with my flexi. I
have a DG Motor and a DG quick change handpiece (with a lever
instead of chuck key). I haven’t seen DG mentioned here before - it
is Italian and the only one that was available anywhere in my city
when I bought it about 7 years ago. It has been fantastic - no
problems whatsoever so I do not want to have to replace it for
cutting jump rings.

Also, I’m wondering where I can buy either of these from. I haven’t
been able to find an Australian supplier for the Jump Ringer although
I have seen one product called “Jump Ring Maker” but as I can’t find
any about it I’d be hesitant to buy it. I know the Kwik
Koil has to be bought from the guy who makes it - the contact details
for him I have seen are from posts that are years old - is anyone
able to provide updated details?

Thanks All!
Peace out!
Brett W

Dear Brett,

The Jump Ringer requires a Foredom #30 handpiece. Many of the copies
that are on the market look like it but are not exactly the same
size. I suggest that you insist upon a genuine Foredom. If that
handpiece will fit your flexshaft, you’re in business. If it doesn’t
you’ll need a Foredom #SR Flexshaft Kit. As far as an Australian
supplier is concerned, I suggest you contact our Australian
distributor, Selwyn Brandt the director of House of Jewellery, 89
York St., Sydney (tel: 61-2-9299-6663). Selwyn is quite
knowledgeable and a friendly helpful person.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.

Hello Brett,

Which jump ring cutter will fit my flexshaft I have a DG Motor and
a DG quick change handpiece 

I can’t say anything about the “DG Motor”, as I’m not familiar with
it, but I still have a suggestion. I’ve never heard of the Kwik
Koil, maybe you mean the Koil Kutter? I have Dave Arens’ Koil Kutter
and have been very pleased with it. You can get one to fit on a
variety of tools (I mean you get one to fit your tool, with a variety
to choose from), including a good ol’ Dremel. I had had a Dremel as
my motor tool for several years, and I found I rarely used the Koil
Kutter because I had to spend the time to take parts off my Dremel,
put the Kutter on, make sure everything was lined up, etc, and then
cut my coil of rings. Soon after, though, I got a new motor tool &
ended up making the Dremel dedicated to the Koil Kutter. Great move,
now I happily use it all the time! If you’re going to sit down and
cut a whole stack of rings, coils & coils worth, then it’s not such
a big thing to have to set it up first, but to cut just one or two,
it just seemed a deterrant. Mind you, it’s not hard to set up, I’m
not saying it’s difficult, it just seemed more trouble that it was
worth to do a couple coils (my usual amount at one time), and then
get it back to “normal” to carry on with other work. A Dremel is not
a big investment in the scheme of things, and for this you just need
the basic tool without any flexshaft, bits or other attachemnts. So,
my suggestion is get the Koil Kutter and a Dremel, and have it all
setup, ready to use at a moment’s notice to cut rings. Oh, and enjoy

For the Koil Kutter & accessories, Dave’s e-mail address is

Designs by Lisa Gallagher

Koil Kutter is made by our Dave Arens in Tucson AZ his email address
is gemstonesetc@gainbroadband.com

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply