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Which gas is best for granulation?


Is there a better gas to use when granulating? I have taken a class and
we used acetylene. I use propane/oxygen for repairs and platinum work.
Can I use this for granulating? I only have a mini torch. Should I get a
larger tip or another torch all together.Thanks.


Propane is the gas of my choice, giving a slightly “dirtier” flame. (more
reduction) I shouldn’t think you need any “special” torch for this. Melt
your balls with a reduction (yellow tip) flame. Turn off the oxygen and
play the propane/acetylene on them till they cool down a bit (just a few
seconds). This will keep the gold clean.

John g


I wanted to say that I learned granulation on acetlyne as well. I use
propane / oxy also. My teacher’s advise was to keep the oxy low so you
diddn’t end up with too much fire scale. I am careful about touching the
flame directly on the fine silver chips, however you still need the heat
for granulation to work. It is real important for it to be as clean as
possible. I use a charcole brick to heat up my granules as they roll into
the water after they ball up. It reminds me of a slide approch. I always
start with clean pickle. When everything works I find the process to be
quite beautiful. I just wanted to share a little of what I have
experienced. We all learn best by doing what works for us individually.