Which Flexshaft Book?

Does anyone have advice about the flexshaft book that was the most
helpful to them? I have spent a lot of money on books and my budget
for them is kind of dwindling, so I’d appreciate any advice that
people might have about one book that is essential to purchase. I’ve
done research online and on the forum but dont have a sense of a good
book to buy, so I am turning to the kind members of this forum.

Thanks so much.

Although there are chapters/sections in many jewelrymaking books on
the use of the flex shaft there have been only two books, of which I
am aware, that deal solely with this tool.

  1. Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft”, written by Karen Christians
    and supported by Ganoksin Price: $34.95 (Shipping: $5 USA, $9
    International). I just reviewed this for Lapidary Journal. It is the
    most current and thorough book on using a Flex Shaft. This book is
    always listed on Orchid Digest at the end of all the messages.


  1. If you find a copy of Harold O’Connor’s manual, “Flexible Shaft Machine”, from so many years ago,it will give you, along with
    Karen’s book, the complete library available on the use of the flex
    shaft. Try Amazon or Alibris for copies.