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Which flex shaft?

I am getting ready to buy a flex shaft system. I am just a
beginner/hobbyist right now but I fell in love with the flex shaft in
a class I recently took. I went to the Foredom site and there are
three listed. One is the TX 300 which I think is too much bang for my
buck. I don’t think I need anything that powerful.

The other two are more confusing. There is the SR 2230 and the SR
2220. As far as I can tell, the difference is in the hand piece. I
assume I should go with the 2230 but I am not sure.

So I have 2 questions. Which should I get, the 2220 or the 2230?

And my second question is, why is there almost a $100 price
difference between the Foredom web site and the Rio site? They look
like the exact same thing. Am I missing something?

Thanks to all for this great site and all your helpful advice. You
have made it so much easier to learn the many different nuances of
this most complicated subject.

Brookline, MA

Foredom does carry quite a variety of different tools. The TX300 is
the top of the line and has a lot of extra power. If you are just
starting out, the SR series are very nice units. They have plenty of
power and have a reverse feature. The difference between the two
units is the hand piece. The SR30 has the #30 hand piece. This is
the most versatile hand piece they make. It can hold very very tiny
drill bits as well as large burs up to almost 1/4 inch in diameter.
Most jewelers have one because of the versatility of the hand piece.
The #20 hand piece is nice but is limited to either a 3/32" or 1/8"
size shank on the bur that you use. This eliminates the ability of
using the very tiny drill bits. The advantage is that you can change
burs very quickly with this hand piece.

If I were to recommend one, I would say get the SR30 system. It is
the most versatile and will last a long time. If you want a quick
change hand piece, buy the one you want. You will always find a use
for the #30 hand piece and it will serve you well.

Not sure about the pricing issue. Rio does have good pricing on
these due to their high volume of sales for these items.

Best regards

Phillip Scott G.G.
Technical Support
Rio Grande