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Which edition of the Complete Metalsmith?



I want to purchase a copy of Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith but
I’m not sure which edition to buy. Mainly I can’t decide if the CD
that comes with the Pro Plus edition is useful and worth the extra
$15. Anybody here have any knowledge of both the Pro and the Pro
Plus editions that can advise?

Cheree in Maryland and still full from Thanksgiving dinner!


I have both books, but bought the Pro edition about a month before
the CD version came out. The pro version has more info and with or
without the CD is worth the extra $$$. I’ve used it a lot and the pro
version is hardier - pages and cover are a bit tougher. I have found
sometimes, that I find info in each that I never seem to find in the
other…I may just be a bit challenged when I am in a hurry for an
answer though. :slight_smile: Go for the version with the CD - I’d be curious as
to whether or not the CD has valuable info on it. I may break down
some day and try and buy a copy of just the CD, if I hear it is



I have all the editions: while the latest (Pro ) edition does have
the very worthwhile for novices cd, the first edition is still my
favorite. It’s hand-lettering makes it a joy to read and a great
reference later editions have more actual material covered. If you
have a craftsman perhaps a copy of the cd can be burned for your
personal use (i believe that it’s “legal” according to the
permissions on the cover- i would even be willing to do it for you,
or send it as a file to you), but I have to admit I love that first
edition…Bottom line is that they are all great reference works and
at least one copy an absolute must in any jewelry making


I was told that the first edition is on the CD (I did not check it
out, but have printed other items in the new book…love the Spiral
Binding). I do have the original and the new one with the CD.

Rose Marie Christison


That sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I would be most grateful: the
Best X-Mass present ever : )) Ofcourse I am totally relying on you
concerning issue -or -edition-stuff, I only hope it is not to much

Anything will be most appreciated!!

And ofcourse: how much will the total amount be? I live in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Yours sincerely,