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Where to Source Flat Top Cabs?

I’m trying to find a source for thin cabochons, more like discs than domes. My web searches are typically swamped by Etsy, and are not very relevant.

Ideally, I’m looking for natural colored stone, though a high quality glass would suffice.

Any ideas?


Hi Alec
I have black onyx (probably dyed but stable) and carnelian cut thin 1.5 mm thick or so. Also German cut quartz discs in clear, dyed green, carnelian, and some other colors.

Hi Alec,
If you could post here exactly what you are looking for (material, dimensions, thickness, flat or slightly domed or ?), perhaps some of the cutters on here (such as myself) will respond.

I cut flat-topped cabs and have a wide variety of slabs to choose from. Let me know what particular stones you are looking for, the thickness and shape and I’ll cut a few and send you pics.

Thank you all. Maybe the best way to describe this is to envision the profile of a cartoonish helium balloon. Oval, and fairly solid, bright-ish color (those 1.5mm thick carnelian pieces sound interesting). Probably 16x12mm to 18x13mm in size.

I have a design in mind (which I’ll share here if it works, and probably won’t if it doesn’t) that I’d like to experiment with. If it does work, I’ll want to take the design further.

Sometimes I just have to make something first to see if it stands up to the image in my head.

Again, thanks,

Hi, Alec -

Contact me off-line, please. I have natural materials which might be useful to you.

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura
Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

Flat top cabs of all sorts are a bit of a specialty for me, and the kind I
prefer to cut. For pictures check my page and “albums” on facebook (just
enter my name in the search function.) Every now and then at irregular
intervals I do an auction sale of say 40 - 60 stones; several past sales
(of course with photos) are still up in my facebook “albums.” Take a look
through these & you’ll get a good overview of the kind of work I do.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Thank you Hans. I’ll take a look.