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Where to Live and Work After the Job

 It doesn't seem as though many of us are really pleased with
where we actually are. Who out there thinks you're in the best
possible spot for you? 

I think we all realize that no place is perfect. However, the “best
possible spot” is very possible.

Even though I miss my home of 50 years, Oregon, I really believe I’m
in the best possible spot for me at this moment in time. (1) I’m
within 1 hour of an International airport (important for my Internet
bead business deliveries) (2) New Mexico is filled with many jewelry
oriented businesses, so it’s full of inspiration and good examples
(3) the light here is absolutely fabulous, no doubt due to the
elevation, clean air, and sunny weather (4) I get to live and work in
the same place (at home), a lifelong dream and (5) am living in an
"environmentally friendly" way, producing our own electricity. Not
all these things contribute to my success in business, but they all
contribute to my overall well being and happiness. So, for me, I’m
in the best possible spot at this moment in time.

Some of the things that were mentioned in the desired criteria of
the original post were absence of lawn care, artistic community, and
cultural diversity. New Mexico does meet all these criteria. Most
homes have rocks instead of grass. There are many artists, and they
are well respected by the community. We have 3 primary cultures,
Anglo, Native American, and Hispanic, and every religion you can
imagine. So, I did reply to that post off-line. I suspect many
others did as well.

In my off-line post, I suggested that they consider the Southwest.
Anyway, if global warming continues at the current pace, all you
folks in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and all other
low-lying areas along the East Coast and Mississippi Valley will be
looking for property here soon, as the ocean levels rise to cover
your areas. We’re expecting to become a coastal state soon:)

Sun Country Gems

I have to agree with Susan at Sun Country Gems. I live South of
Albuquerque but within easy driving distance. This area has all of
the great features she speaks of. I was born and raised here but
I’ve travelled all over the nation and I have to say that this place
has the best weather. We are currently in the midst of a raging
drought that tries to burn our state to a crisp but, in wetter
times, there’s no better place. In the winter this disabled Vet’s
bones feel better here that anywhere else I’ve been. Arthritis likes
it warm and dry, and so do I. There are areas that have problems
economically but there is also quite a bit of money in other areas.
New Mexico is getting very popular with the movie-making scene and
several Big name actors live in the state (Val Kilmer is only one.).
Many of these folks love the art scene here and are willing to buy
the good stuff. You might try taking a vacation here for a visit and
check it out. There are places in this state that make you feel like
you are the first person ever to set foot there if you like to stomp
around in the boonies.