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Where to find "shelf" for rolling mill?



As I view jewelry making videos, i notice that a lot of rolling mills that I see have a sort of metal “shelf” attached to the mill, as seen in the below video, at the 45 second mark.

Does anyone know what this attchment is called? and where it can be found for purchase?

It seems like if I have one at the front and back, the items being rolled will be supported when exiting the rollers…of course I can always reach back and grab the item too!..

thank you in advance.



HI Julie
Usually the rolling mill will come with an entry and exit table. If the OEM will not make one for you there are companies that can fabricate a table that you just bolt on. If there are no holes where it may have been bolted to before than it might not have had one originally. Therefore you will have to drill holes yourself. If I had to choose the exit table is more important so your not running back to catch it. Also, if the rolling mill is motorized I recommend a safety guard on entry, seen plenty of people get their finger caught in the roll. Not a pretty sight.

Ken Babayan
David H. Fell & Co.


Hello Ken,

Thank you so much for your reply!

ok, I have no bolt holes…but! the base of my mill is such that it is “open” where I would position this exit table, so I could bolt directly onto the table…

I tried googling Cavallin rolling mill entry table exit table, but did not get relevant search returns…

perhaps I shall make an exit table out of wood and bolt down…



HI Julie
Wood would work for entry but it may not last for exit, the metal would constantly be scarring it with drag lines from the metal, etc. I recommend metal for the exit table. Exit roll - Position it slightly below the top of the bottom roll. I usually butt the table up close as possible to the bottom roll without actually touching the roll. This may no be necessary if you doing small pcs. We run large long parts so slightly different. You will have to adjust based on your requirements.

I tried to upload a pic here of our table. Your exit table would be slightly higher up then what you see here since it is much smaller in all dimensions. Hope you can see the pic.

Ken Babayan
David H. Fell & Co.


Hi again!

ok, hmmm…perhaps I need to take my mill to this awesome machinist place I found (that dressed my anvil!)

perhaps he can make a steel table for me…will keep you posted…

I cannot believe that when I search “rolling mill exit table” I am not getting a bunch of Ebay results! Usually they have everything!



Thanks for posting this Julie.
I’m wondering if Durston sells these for their mills?


Good question for @durston… I tagged him here and he can weigh in.


Thanks, Seth!

I will await more information!