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Where to buy Sterling WrapTites?

Hi all. I am looking for sterling silver, gold ( and gold plated too)
Wrap Tites in 14x10mm and larger. Rio Grande sells them up to 14x10mm
but they are a bit expensive for what they are so I was hoping for
some better sources. In case you don’t know what Wrap Tites are, they
are little oval or circular metal bands that have a notch that you
can clmap together making a 'tite"fit around a stone while leaving a
little loop to hang a jump ring.

Much thanks in advance.

Andrea Streicher
Streicher Studios and A Beadable Feast
Original Sterling Silver and Glass Jewelry

Tripp’s has wrap tites with a loop on one side- pendant style- from
10x8 to 40x30. Their number is 800-545-7962.

Janet Kofoed

Dear Andrea, I remember seeing them in Tripps catalogue. They
advertise in Lapidary Journal. This month just inside front cover. If
you do not have a copy, their phone number is: 1-800-545-7962 Good
Luck, Suzanne

Andrea, you could try Halstead, Inc their Tel# is 1-800-528-0535. I
know that they sell this size in all three (Silver, 14KT, and 14KT
Gold-Filled) and I remember their prices being very reasonable.
Good Luck!! Mark


I get mine from 3 different sources. Tripps, Halstead Beads, and
Gem-o-Rama. They all have websites.

I would like to know who manufactures them so I can order a
large/huge quantity and sell what I don’t need at a rock & gem show in
order to get a better price. However, it is so difficult trying to
track down the manufacturers of some of these items. I would also
like to know who makes snap-tites so I could order these in bulk and
re-sell the ones I can’t use.

While I’m at it, wouldn’t it be nice to form some kind of
wire-wrapper co-op so we could order large quantities of wire from the
manufacturer and split the order up, thus cutting out the middleman?
I use about 50 oz a year.


Wrap-tites - try Lee’s Manufacturing, North Providence, Rhode Island.
Andrea Guyot Guyot Brothers