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Where to buy gold bullion coins

I am interested in buying coins such as American Eagle 1/10 oz and would like to know if anybody has a good source for me? I have ordered from Hoover in the past but would like to know of additional resources. Thank you very much Trudie

I have used Jack Hunt Coin extensively over the years.

Seth, thank you very much for taking the time to answer

We use AAA Precious Metals here in Portland. We pay a small percentage over
spot. If you do not need an uncirculated mint condition coin it’s cheaper
to buy from a refiner than a coin dealer. I personally prefer to buy
Canadian Maple leafs because their gold is .9999. American Eagles are 22kt.
91.67 % pure.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

Check to see if there are coin shows or clubs in your area. A coin show is a good place to buy these with the lowest premiums. In our area there are coin shows nearly once a month. Frequently you can buy them for less then you could from the mint.
Ben Brauchler

Shop around of course
in my 1st life and still am to a degree
coin collecting my addiction for my bullion I used mostly
APMEX very competitive and fair

Some of the best advice I ever got was from my first accountant some 40 years ago. He said that since I was in the biz and had easy access, I should buy an ounce of gold grain or coin each month and sock it away in a safety deposit box. If I had done it, which sadly I did not, I would have some 470 oz by now. Today that would be worth 570K roughly.

I mention it because it’s still good advice for you young business owners who have many years ahead of you.

Oh well, such is life…back to work.

try 7kmetals/dww