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Where is Jeweler heaven


As the husband of a jeweler, but not a jeweler myself, I’m something
of an interloper on this scene. My wife and I, however, have been
researching our own version of “heaven” for some years. Northern
New Mexico looks good; Asheville, NC approaches my personal fantasy
of heaven.

I’m writing this because my wife (for reasons unknown to me and
unexplained by her) refuses to ask a question, on this list, which
could influence our choice of where to spend the rest of our lives
(we’re in Southern California). You see, Portland, Oregon has
considerable appeal to each of us. It has the beauty of a city
dropped in the middle of a forest, good restaurants, enlightened
governance, a smaller than average gap between the very wealthy and
the very poor. Portland, unlike SC, has not hung out a sign yet
declaring the middle class unwelcome. So what’s my question?

Believe it or not, at least as of a few years ago, the best
undiscovered restaurant discovered by us, is the student cafeteria
at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts in northeast Portland.
Exquisite food at minimal cost in a gorgeous setting. IN A SCHOOL
CAFETERIA. Question: Does anybody out there have or an
opinion, on the quality of this Portland institution? Would it be
worthwhile for my wife to take metal working courses there? Can a
jeweler thrive, at any level, in a city of plaid-shirted hikers?




Since posting on this subject, I have been thinking it would be nice
to be able to see where people feel they are happiest. So, how about
posting links to aerial photos, web cams etc? You can see where I am
&scale= 10000&width=500&height=310&gride=432262&gridn=385288

(Depending on your email application you may have to cut and paste
into your browser to ge the full URL in there)

If you click on the ‘aerial photo’ link just below the scale box at
the top left, you can see what the area is really like and you can
zoom in or out and track across country using the navigation box with
the red arrows. If you go South and West, you will see the
countryside whilst North and East will take you over the City itself.
On my web site at you can see some
pictures of Sheffield and the nearest village to me - Hathersage, by
visiting the links at bottom left.

Best wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield, UK