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Where is Jeff Demand?

I responded to this thread a while back, as Jeff and I corresponded
regularly. I wasn’t aware of where Jeff was until his daughter,
Marnie contacted me today via Etsy. Apparently her father passed
away in June 2012. No details were offered so I’m unaware as to
whether he was ill or otherwise.

It’s very sad to learn of the loss of another Orchid regular.


Further to my previous post, saying that Jeff passed away in June
2012, his Daughter informs me that his passing was thought to be as a
result of a viral infection. Sadly, like many people, Jeff was
apparently not one for seekingmedical attention when ill, and he was
looking very ill and weak the last time Marnie saw him.

Hopefully, this will put people’s minds at rest if they
knew Jeff and were wondering why he was no longer posting.