Where in the Adirondacks can you find sunstone?

Where in the Adirondacks can you find sunstone? Martha from Long

Martha - The Adirondack location is near Owl’s Head (northern
Adirondacks). It is an old feldspar quarry located on (I’m told)
posted private property. The material from this location is a
true sunstone, but quite different in appearance from either
India or Oregon. It is very dark in body color, a light chocolate
to dark chocolate, and the aventurescence is bi-color;
golden-red, and silver-red flecks mixed. I have only cut a
little of it, but it seems that with care it could be oriented to
produce a good eye. I’ve never seen transparent/translucent
material from this site.


Jim, Do you by any chance know how to obtain permission to dig
at this site? :slight_smile: Thanks, Pete Peter B. Steiner - TripleRock
Lapidary - Buffalo, NY, USA