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Where can I get this tool?

Does anyone know where I can get this set of tools? I have looked all over and I can not find it.

Hi there,

Interesting tool set…what doees it do…?..mark stone size in wax…?

In case we cannot find it, perhaps a bezel punch set might serve a similar purpose…?

the set you are looking for has sizes .25mm to 4.0mm…

this set has sizes .70 to 7.75mm

this set has sizes 1.5mm to 9.99mm

1.5mm to 9.99mm


Yes, that is my understanding of it.

Yea, I have never seen this either. Is that your set and you want another? Where did you see it? The bezel punch looks like a great idea! You could also get a beading tool set at any jewelry supply house for tiny sizes. On the low end, you could get a set of punches from Walmart. You could grind the opening to the sizes you want. You could also reverse this whole idea and use a set of diamond setting burs to actually cut the stone size into the wax.

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Hi there,

another option for the smaller sizes would be to use beading tools, which are sold in sets, as well as individually…

For example, this 23pc beading tool set from Rio starts at 0.25mm thru 1.35mm

:#0 (0.25mm)
#1 (0.30mm)
#2 (0.35mm)
#3 (0.40mm
)#4 (0.45mm)
#5 (0.50mm
)#6 (0.55mm)
#7 (0.60mm)
#8 (0.65mm
)#9 (0.70mm)
#10 (0.75mm)
#11 (0.80mm)
#12 (0.85mm)
#13 (0.90mm)
#14 (0.95mm)
#15 (1.00mm)
#16 (1.05mm)
#17 (1.10mm)
#18 (1.15mm)
#19 (1.20mm)
#20 (1.25mm)
#21 (1.30mm)
#22 (1.35mm)

Just a thought…in case…


Depending on the stone type, and size, it is sometimees possible to heat the stone into place with the tip of the wax pen…



Ok, getting somewhere…BOOM!

Bouron® Wax Tools

These unique tools were designed by a master wax carver to create a masterpiece everytime. Precision pave layout and exact prong positioning are two skillful techniques that these tools perfect. A complete set consists of 16 tempered steel tools on a polished wooden stand. Sizes from 0.25-4.00mm in increments of 0.5mm

Sold out…but Price says $65.00

P.S…it seems to be a great new place to browse for…stuff!!!


I am dubious about the value of the calibrated sizes as the casting will shrink anyway. I’d just use setting burs in sizes appropriate to the stones, since you’d need them anyway, to do clean up before setting any stones. Any wax left in the burs would be useful to lubricate them when cutting the metal.

Maybe someone who has them and uses them can tell us why they’d be worth buying, I might be overlooking something here.

Thank you so much. All my web searches came up empty.
The person who owns them is out of town for some time and I can’t get in touch with them.

i got real verbose and broad on my search terms!..i forget what i typed to get the hit…
wax carving
wax marking
jewelry making
stone setting
stone marking