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Where are today's markets and customers

I am sorry but there are no quick and easy solutions. For jewelers
to prosper, we need rich people. The more the better, but in
today's environment when politicians trying to save their political
skins blaming everything on "the rich",... 

UH-OH!! Don’t let’s get started on politics…I may never shut up!

The market may be turning up! I just had an exhilarating show, which
I interpret as an indicator that people are becoming more optimistic
and confident. Even though my work is fairly expensive for the realm
I show in, my clients are not, for the most part, rich. They are
primarily middle class. Customers who buy above an easy financial
reach buy out of passion for the work, not just to alleviate boredom.
Many of my clients use layaway, and I’m very patient. I always
welcome anyone rich or poor, who enjoys my work. Rich people make
things easier, but I would be in dire straits if I neglected the rest
of the audience…I could even sneak in a reference here to the
"other 98%" to whom I am indebted for their support.

And, Leonid, I believe you are referring to old school progressives
like me, when you mistakenly say that “the rich” are being
blamed…no, no…they aren’t being blamed; lack of regulation and
skewed systems are being blamed. Perhaps you and I disagree on which
politicians should be replaced, but I remember a time when political
opponents in Congress and elsewhere behaved with some courtesy and
good faith. Better way to get things done.

Marianne Hunter

And, Leonid, I believe you are referring to old school
progressives like me, when you mistakenly say that "the rich" are
being, no..they aren't being blamed; lack of regulation
and skewed systems are being blamed. 

We probably living in different universes. In mine, I cannot turn a
page of news publication without seeing it is the rich who screwed up
the economy. And as far as lack of regulation, - in my universe
progressives telling me how much soda I can drink and how much salt I
could have. Recently, I was helping someone to open a restaurant in
New York city. Do you know that it takes 56 licenses to open a
restaurant here.

To the larger point. I generally do not care about politics, but I
do care about economy. When I see that economy is been sacrificed on
the altar of political ideology, it is time for any sane person to
take politics seriously. If we reelect the same politicians for
another term, they may push our country to the point of no return.
Greece today may become America’s future.

Leonid Surpin

Customers who buy above an easy financial reach buy out of passion
for the work, not just to alleviate boredom. 

I find this statement very unfair, I have many rich customers that
buy out of passion and love to have nice pieces. I have more middle
and lower class customers that buy above their price range because
they want to feel like they can have what the rich have. Yes there
are a few of the rich that get their money from using the system, but
most of the rich work very, very hard for what they have, they have
taken chances and sometimes they paid off and sometimes they did not.
The next time you watch PBS or go to the hospital look at the name of
the donor who built the new wing, if all these rich people that some
love to hate decided out of boredom to stop buying and giving to
charity this country would suffer greatly.

Now just for a little fact, if the top 1% was taxed at 100% it would
run the USA for 3 weeks.

Bill Wismar

I will step in even though I think politics is the new religion and
fraught with emotionally based mine-fields…

While I do think corporations and the wealthy have tax loopholes
that should be closed, I am less inclined to crucify them as I am to
crucify the politicians in Washington. I find myself furious that
while we work and live with in certain parameters and concerns,
those who work for us in Washington, have insulated themselves from
those very same concerns - they have medical: they get absurd
pensions: they break laws and get “censored” (without losing their
benefits), etc, etc., but the bottom line is two fold:

  1. We have a voting public that is motivated by which party can give
    them the most money and both parties cater to it.

  2. Federal government should stay focused on national security and
    from there it should break down into regions - let states with
    similar priorities/geographic concerns decide how they want to spend
    their funds. The country is too large now - there are no common

I am sure I am going to regret stepping into this conversation but,
there you have it…

As an American jeweler, even in heavily regulated New York State, I
am very glad that somehow the busybodies that regulate things
generally leave jewelers alone. My impression is that the jewelry
business is doing modestly better than the economy at large. I think
this is more due to the fact that individuals and companies that earn
our daily crust this way are adapting and being creative about coping
with our own situations. I personally prefer the freedom our industry
enjoys from the indifference of politicians, to the sort of concern
that would invite well intentioned meddling from the government.

Stephen Walker

Andover, NY

Dear Stephen; I agree totally. We are also a Me generation. It is a
time to find ourselves, and if that means adornment, well we will buy
the expensive stuff, or the Walmart stuff, it comes down to taste. I
am finding alot of jewelry on I am listed under

You have hit the nail right on the head, I can remember my
grandfather telling me, "son you mybe the next President, well that
was the old old way, now special interest, lobbyist, and now they
open the door for big money pacts giving out millions, I wonder what
gifts they will get for all that money?? What has anyone done for
the small business’s. Again you are absolutly right on.

God Bless