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Where are the Spectrum winners?

Dear All,

Every year I look forward to the February issues of the trade
magazines so I can feast my eyes on the new Spectrum Award winners.
This year I have been sorely disappointed. I have seen the odd photo
buried deep inside magazines, but there have been no feature stories
or covers that I have seen. Today I noticed the Cutting Edge Awards
featured in Professional Jeweler (March edition). Where are the
award winning jewelry pieces? Have I missed them completely? I can’t
imagine they aren’t going to be prominently displayed.

Anyone know what is up?

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa

All of the jewelry magazines I have seen have had pictures of the
winning pieces. You might want to look at the March issues as well
as I think some were in them. You might also check with the AGTA as
to whether they have posted them on their website (or somewhere

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