What's the safest gas?

If you are concerned about the propane inside, consider getting one of those alarms for radon and propane. They are pretty inexpensive at Lowes or Home Depot.

Thanks Char!
May I ask what ins company you use?
My home ins won’t even talk to me about ins for my studio. I have to rent space 16mi away (kindof inconvenient esp in “these unprecedented times”) b/c even though I live in an “artists condo building”…jewelry is not considered an art in their definition and my B tank had to be removed from the art studio space immediately when they found out.
I have umbrella coverage but their exceptions rule out any gas other than natural gas “for heating and cooking.” :woman_shrugging:t2:


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The standard for NYC jewelers is natural gas with a G-tec to concentrate the gas so that a back flow valve can be installed and work. You can use an oxygen generator (concentrator) to eliminate the need for any bottled gasses. I think I’d find a different insurance company or challenge yours or get your fire department to help.
I use Farmers Insurance. they are ok with this.
Judy Hoch

Also, Natural gas is lighter than air and dissipates rather than pooling.

Even though everyone already answered:

I use a special “safe” canister with 10kg (22lbs) of propane that’s built to be safe indoors. I have a valve, a pressure regulator, a flame ender (i don’t know the english term) before my hose even starts. According to Benegas (the company i use) it’s completely safe, and even in the event of a backflash, i have three safeties that shut off. the canister is also heatproof.

Since propane doesn’t burn without oxygen, i’m really not worried.